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Makonitis War Criminal
TheBean1616 Member
10 posts
4 topics
4 months ago

Seven O'clock in the afternoon, January 18, 2024. Riding into Halifax I saw a couple of residents and an unfamiliar man. I was there to rent an axe from HeadgeBlaze. He handed me the axe and I rode off into the woods and began deforesting New Brunswick for MCMMO levels. suddenly the man charged from the shopping street and attempted to murder me for seemingly no reason. I quickly rode my trusty steed Philip back to Halifax in seek of refuge. Next thing I knew the innocent businessman HeadgeBlaze stepped out of the border and was ruthlessly killed by none other than Makonitis of New Nagoya. Makonitis claimed a member of Halifax owed him something and he was killing HeadgeBlaze to "teach a lesson.' But in that case, I had nothing to do with the situation as I live with a militia group just outside of Halifax and we don't have very close ties. I slowly stepped out into the forest Lewis in hand ready to slay the murderer. Makonitis sprung up from behind a tree and murdered Philup in cold blood. Today at six O'clock in the afternoon I told him he owed me a horse, but he refused instead threatening in private chat to kill me just as he did HeadgeBlaze and Philup if I don't keep the incident quiet. It is for that reason i have directly refused and am exposing this on the forum. If Makonitis is reading this I want you to know that once my group is assembled the Great Horse War will have begun, and we're coming for you.