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CCNet Rules

Comet Craft aims to provide a fun, engaging, and entertaining server where everyone may relax and play Minecraft together. In order to reach this goal, rules are put in place to protect the integrity of our community.

CCNet maintains the philosophy that everyone can coexist in a community together without causing undue stress or harm to one another. While we understand that some of our gamemodes are competitive and may introduce tense situations where emotions may rise, we believe that the overall experience here can be pleasant and welcoming.

In order to promote an overall positive community, it is required that users read, understand, and follow the rules outlined below.

Please select a tab to view environment-specific rules.

Global Rules: These rules apply everywhere. When you are on our website, game, discord, or interacting with CCNet in any substantial way, you must follow our global rules.
1 - Client modifications

Modifications to the client are legal as long as they do not grant you an unfair advantage over other players. Your actions ingame must be performed by hand and not automated.

Examples of disallowed modifications:

  • Auto-clickers in any form (including rebinding mouse keys to the keyboard).
  • Instant build printer.
  • Auto-crit or any mod that provides a combat advantage over vanilla clients.
  • Fly/jump/speed hacks.
  • Freecam
  • Tweakeroo

Examples of allowed modifications:

  • Mods that are for purely aesthetic purposes, e.g. shaders.
  • Optifine, Sodium, Phosphor, Starlight, Krypton, CullLeaves, and similar client optimization mods.
  • Minimaps, as long as they do not show caves, crouched players, invisible players, and invisible entities. Often the "fair-play" version of minimaps will satisfy these requirements.
  • Damage indicator and armor/tool HUD mods.
  • Brightness and gamma adjustment mods.
  • Litematica (Hologram and Easy Place mode)
  • Render distance extension mods.

If you are not sure whether a client modification is legal, ask a staff member for clarification.

2 - Chat Spam
2.1No spamming or excessive use of capital letters.

Spamming is defined as quickly sending messages in succession. This includes both repeated and unique messages.

Excessive use of capital letters and symbols in messages will also be treated as spam.

3 - Chat Conduct
3.1Keep chat safe and appropriate.

Help us keep CCNet a safe and comfortable environment:

  • Do not discuss or link content of an extremist, graphic, explicit, or illegal nature in general chat.
  • Do not encourage, engage in, or facilitate roleplay or jokes in the nature of terrorism or extremism
  • Do not evade the chat filter.
  • Do not use any form of discriminatory language, including racial slurs and homophobia/transphobia.

Content obviously sent with explicit/troll-y intent will be treated the same way.

Example: randomly saying “Who was in Paris” and “I hate Niger” are obviously troll bait for racial slurs. This will be treated as a chat infraction.

3.2Speak English in general chat.

Please only speak English in general chat. You are free to speak other languages in private chat channels, the /int channel, and messages.

4 - Safety and Security
4.1Toxicity and Harassment

Participating in or encouraging toxic behavior that disrupts gameplay is subject to punishment depending on severity.

Disruptive behavior on CCNet refers to actions that significantly hinder a player's enjoyment or ability to participate in regular gameplay in a comfortable manner. This includes engaging in toxic behavior, displaying predatory conduct, personal attacks and targeted negativity, or other interactions that negatively affect others' experiences. Please note that some minor toxicity is normal and to be expected in a competitive setting.

We encourage players to use the /ignore command or blocking via Discord to block low-level toxicity (such as “u suck”, “L”, etc), though further disruption may be met with a mute or a ban.

4.2“Blackmail” reporting and ban wars

Reports about players must be made within 2 weeks of the incident happening. Storing up old chat infractions and toxicity instances for usage during conflict will be considered blackmail and the reports will be thrown out. Heavy occurrences of this may result in being blacklisted from tickets or an ingame punishment.

You may report infractions older than 2 weeks old only if the infraction involves severe exploitation that may destroy gameplay (like duping), or if the infraction may involve a legal dispute (like doxxing).

Witch hunting or attempting to gather evidence against another player solely for personal gain, harassment, or convenience is also strictly prohibited. Please report incidents as they naturally occur. Do not try to bait a player into breaking rules to be banned.

4.3Disclosure of personal information

Do not give out personal information on CCNet. Publishing or spreading sensitive information about a player without their consent ('doxxing') is forbidden and will be taken extremely seriously. Threatening to or joking about doing this is taken equally as seriously.

Malicious attempts to obtain such information (e.g. by sending 'IP-grabbing' links in chat) will be treated equally. Hunting down player information through hidden social media, finding family and friends, or other methods of personal information gathering will be considered disclosure of personal information.

5 - CCNet Accounts
 ? What is a CCNet account?

Unlike other Minecraft servers that rely on a premium UUID from Mojang, CCNet treats every username as a unique account.
If your username is Steve and you change your username through the Minecraft/Mojang website to John, everything about your account will still be under the name Steve and you will log in without an inventory or anything else.

5.1Alts and multiple accounts

You may only have one account registered to you as an individual. If you require an additional account on your IP - for example, for a sibling - then please contact staff and we will be happy to authorize this. Staff do this willingly and we personally register each individual account. Misuse of this privilege will result in a hefty ban and a blacklist from additional IP registration.

5.2Your account is your responsibility

If someone breaks the rules using your account, it is your account that will be punished. You may not share accounts. Account sharing will result in all parties involved being banned. This includes temporarily logging on using another player's account for ANY reason. There is no excuse for account sharing.

5.3Ban evasion

Evading your ban using an alt/sibling account is not allowed and will result in your punishment being lengthened. 

5.4Mute/Punishment history evasion

Continuously requesting name changes to evade mutes or logged ban history will result in discontinued name change support from our staff. Please avoid changing your name every month.

6 - Technical Gameplay Elements

Exploiting server bugs, glitches, unintended game mechanics, or any other technical oversights (unintentional errors or mistakes in the game's design) is strictly prohibited. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Causing server crashes intentionally.
  • Attempting item or currency duplication.
  • Engaging in block glitching.
  • Exploiting glitches to gain an unfair advantage in gameplay.
  • Bypassing server-set limitations.

Players found willfully exploiting such issues will face penalties based on the seriousness of the offense. We're committed to maintaining a fair and enjoyable gaming environment for everyone. If you have found an exploit, please report it via a bug report ticket in our Discord server!

6.2Rule lawyering

Attempting to bypass any rules with a loophole/rule lawyering will result in a ban most closely related to the offense. The rules are not a comprehensive list of every single offense that will ever be punishable. Use common sense to determine if you are attempting to bypass a rule. If you are unsure if something is considered bypassing, you may ask staff.

7 - Real Money Trading

CCNet is not a marketplace: you may not trade any form of virtual or physical good for real-life currency through the server. The only exception is for supporter ranks. You may promise to buy someone a supporter rank in exchange for in-game currency or tasks, but scamming in this type of trade is not permitted.

8 - Accusations

Baselessly accusing another player of rule-breaking is not allowed. If you believe someone is guilty of breaking the rules, report them to the staff with relevant evidence.

8.2Alt accusations

Baselessly accusing another player of alting is not allowed. If you believe someone is guilty of breaking the rules, report them to the staff with relevant evidence.

9 - Advertising
 ? What is a CCNet-related Discord server?

A CCNet-related discord server is a Discord server that is for a specific nation/town/alliance/CCNet organization, is advertised in the CCNet Discord forums, is mostly composed of CCNet players, involves frequent discussion of CCNet topics, and/or involves announcements/active planning for CCNet. This definition and title remain valid regardless of any "disclaimer" someone may try to post on their Discord server. If it involves CCNet in any major capacity then it is under our jurisdiction.

 9 Advertising

Promoting other servers is strictly prohibited. This includes sharing IP addresses or domain names in chat, CCNet-related Discord servers, and posting links to other servers in any CCNet-related space. It also extends to sharing videos containing information about other servers, streaming them in CCNet-related Discord servers, privately messaging players to join different servers, or using CCNet-related Discord servers to recruit players onto other servers.

However, please understand that you won't be banned simply for playing on other servers. Please keep your affairs from other servers separate from CCNet. 

10 - Knowledge of rule-breaking

You may not knowingly benefit from, conceal, or aid rule-breaking performed by another player. If you help someone break a rule, you will be punished alongside them with the same punishment length. Evidence of rule-breaking must be submitted ASAP. Ignorance will not be considered a valid reason to unban someone for rule-breaking.

We'd be happy to retain your anonymity when reporting instances of rule-breaking. Help us keep CCNet safe for all players!

11 - CCNet Staff

Staff are volunteers who are here to help the community. Please be patient when asking for help and you will be assisted as soon as a staff member can help you. Staff are not there to be your source of entertainment, to be spammed with questions for the sake of annoying them, to be queried for the sake of amusement, or to have their time wasted. Help us in assisting others as quickly and efficiently as possible. Any issues with staff can be reported on the forums or the Discord server.

11.2Staff and ban appeals/tickets

Do not individually contact staff about ban appeals or tickets unless given permission. Our staff are human volunteers and are not paid for technical support services. Bothering staff about ban appeals or tickets, even if they are not your own, will result in the ticket or appeal being closed/rejected immediately. This includes telling a staff member to check an appeal/ticket, asking constantly for updates, spamming tickets/appeal comments, attempting to bribe staff for quicker responses, etc.

11.3Manipulating staff

To ensure a fair and helpful environment, we do not tolerate attempts to mislead or trick staff when asking questions or reporting issues. Make sure to ask clear questions with enough information and provide complete screenshots or videos when reporting. If you try to manipulate the staff with purposefully vague questions or inquiries, you may receive a severe ban, and those who help you could also face consequences. Here's an example:

  • Don't ask: "Can I claim a plot in a town?" and then use it for something illegal like a snake claim.
  • Do ask: "Are these specific plots available for me to claim, or would it be against the rules?" to get accurate and honest guidance.

Staff are not responsible for possible misleading answers if they are asked a purposefully vague question. Be clear with your question and you’ll get a clear response!

11.4Interfering with staff work

Do not interfere with staff when they are helping another player. This includes killing staff, reverting decisions made by staff without approval, spamming chat to ask for help, etc.

11.5Spamming involving punishment decisions

Persistently bothering staff, both in-game and through private messages, to lift a player's ban or unmute them will be considered spamming.

Filling the chat with repeated demands to unban or unmute a player will also be regarded as spam. This includes joke "protests" like persistent hashtags or slogans.

The duration and discussion of bans are solely determined by the staff and are only shared with the player involved. Other players not directly affected by these punishments have no influence on the length or discussion of the punishment.

If you suspect any form of abuse, please reach out to the admins privately through our forums or Discord tickets.


By playing on CCNet, you must recognize that you are playing a multiplayer game server with other people who have different timezones and life events that may impact their ability to login and play.

You must also recognize that this is a limitation of playing a multiplayer game that exists everywhere. This is not unique to CCNet.

Staff will not micromanage your towns, your nations, your inventory, or anything relating to gameplay except in extenuating circumstances.

What this means:

Staff will not:

  • Change your towns mayor.
  • Merge your town.
  • Merge your nation.
  • Move items or money between players or locations.
  • Grant town or nation ranks to players.
  • Micromanage the state of the game in other ways.
  • Be your middleman in the event that two players cannot login at the same time.

At our discretion, we may choose to override this rule and assist you in certain extenuating circumstances:

Such as:

  • Real-life natural disasters.
  • Real-life warzones impacting ability to play.
  • Real-life player death.
  • Permanent ban of a mayor.

If you are found to be faking an extenuating circumstance or we find that you were not impacted by an extenuating circumstance, you will be immediately permanently banned for lying to staff and attempting to manipulate us.

12 - Inappropriate skins and names

Do not use inappropriate skins - including those which show nudity, reference Nazi imagery, or otherwise offensive content. Users with inappropriate names will be banned and asked to register an account with a different name. Nicknames, item names, armor names, pet/mob names, and movecraft vehicle names are also included under this rule.

13 - Impersonation

You may not impersonate another player without their consent, whether by changing your name/nickname or other means. This includes but is not limited to: changing a letter in the username or having a similar nick (RedBrick - BlueBrick) or anything that could cause you to be misidentified as another user. This only extends to username-specific nicknames. Nations/towns, or individual players, do not hold copyright over shared nickname gimmicks or common words used as nicknames.

14 - We reserve the right to ban anyone

If we don't think you are a benefit to our community and are degrading our server, we reserve the right to do as we please with you. You may be banned permanently with no prior warning. You are also not entitled to specific reasonings. You may or may not receive the privilege of appealing this ban. This rule can be used standalone. This rule is only to be used sparingly and is only enforced after being considered by the highest of our staff.

15 - Politics

While we understand CCNet hosts a competitive gamemode with heavy political influence, we ask that you do not bring real-world political controversy onto our server. Real-world political controversy, including debates about ongoing wars, genocides, targeted legislation, controversial policies, or hate groups, is strictly prohibited in the general or main chats. We aim to maintain a respectful and inclusive environment for all players.

However, in-game politics that do not involve real-world elements are permitted. You are free to engage in political discussions within the game's context, as long as they do not touch upon real-world components mentioned above. Likewise, it's acceptable to discuss political topics within smaller semi-private chats (nations chat, town chat, local chat) as long as it does not involve harassment or toxicity.

Nations Rules These rules apply on the Nations gamemode.
1 - Griefing and Theft

Note: ship piracy and theft is covered under Rule 5.

You are allowed to grief and steal from unclaimed land (Wilderness) and ruined towns.

  • Ruined towns are marked by a hazard symbol on the map.
  • You may also steal from the Nether.

You are not allowed to grief and steal from claimed land.

  • This includes livestock, chest items, communal resources, and slimefun machines. You should ask your mayor for permission before taking anything from communal chests, factories, etc.
  • The only exception is damaging towns under siege using cannons. This is allowed as long as it does not involve insiding (next rule).
2 - Town Conduct
2.1Insiding Towns

Insiding, or betraying, is the act of maliciously harming a town that you have been given permissions to. Please note that this rule only affects towns and not an entire nation.

There are legal and illegal forms of insiding.

Illegal insiding involves abusing permissions to modify and harm the town in two ways:

  • Physically by unlocking ships, stealing, griefing or enabling griefing (e.g. deliberately staying online to let enemies bomb a town)
  • As a Towny entity: (e.g. by kicking residents, emptying the town bank, unclaiming land, etc.)

Other forms of insiding are legal. These include actions like spying, leaking information and teleporting enemies inside and outside the town.

2.2Mayor and Player Rights

As a mayor, you are expected to be seen as a leader of the town you’ve been entrusted to. If you are given mayorship by another individual, then you are the sole person responsible for the town as a mayor. “Temporary” or “placeholder” mayors do not exist.

Likewise, mayors are not dictators and do not have full authority to take or use all items within the town. Players have rights to their personal chests, enderchests, etc.

If you are removing a player from your town, you must grant them the opportunity to retrieve their personal items. Not doing so will result in staff intervention.

3 - Terraforming and Map Defacement

Any action that harms the lifespan or general aesthetics of the map is considered map defacement. 

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Lavacasting and creating 'cobble monsters'.
  • Deliberate mass deforestation not required for town expansion (e.g. burning down the Amazon).
  • Excavating large, gaping holes visible on the map.
  • Needlessly blowing up large tracts of land.
  • Building vulgar structures including, but not limited to, Nazi imagery, phallic structures, obscene messages, etc.

Deliberate and conscious map defacement is punishable.


Terraforming is allowed as long as it does not harm the general accuracy of the map.

Generally, terraforming projects which alter the view of the dynamic map are prohibited. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Creating artificial islands.
  • Creating artificial seas.
  • Destroying large landmasses (e.g. Denmark; Madagascar).
  • Draining or covering large lakes (e.g. Lake Victoria).

Vertical terraforming is allowed as long as it is not extreme. For example:

  • You may flatten small mountains and hills which are obstructing the expansion of your town.
  • You may not demolish entire mountain ranges, such as the Alps or Pyrenees.

Please ask staff if you are unsure whether your terraforming project would be allowed under these rules.

We ask that you make an effort to blend in your changes to the surrounding landscape. Please do not "temporarily" illegally terraform the map. Contact Staff if you have any questions.

3.3Sand mines

You may mine sand in desert biomes provided the underlying stone is not exposed. We again ask that you make an effort to blend in your changes to the surrounding landscape.

3.4Pixel art

Pixel art, as visible from the Dynmap or on the landscape, is not allowed. You may create art ingame through our art plugin instead.

4 - Towns
4.1Towns must look like towns.

In Nations, you are expected to create meaningful towns and nations that serve a purpose. To maintain these standards, we do not allow the landscape to be used for large, ugly, and utilitarian structures. 

Your entire town cannot be:

  • An underground base
  • A plain cube with no design variation
  • Made of large, plain, untextured walls
  • Built on a floating platform
  • A factions-style base
  • Floating in mid-air
  • Used as a movecraft parking lot

An entire town may consist of a single castle, fort, or military base provided that it has proper effort put into it.

Castles, forts, military bases, and large structures must:

  • Avoid being plain squares
  • Have textured or well-designed exterior walls
  • Show effort in their design and construction, similar to any passion project
  • Be more complex than simply alternating two blocks to create a pattern

Please note that "siege bases" and "temporary towns/bases" are not exempt from these rules. The effort put into your town must be visible above ground as bunkers do not count as proper towns. If you need help finding blocks to use, we recommend using block gradient generators or asking staff for help.

An example of the ideal effort that must be put into building a castle, fort, military base, "siege base," or similar is shown below. Please note: this does not mean you must follow this image block-by-block. This is just an example of textured walls and plenty of effort.

ideal standards for a fort on nations

4.2Placeholder towns and nations

The nations gamemode has a finite map with finite resources. We do not have the space to accommodate large empty claims that do not provide any actual substance to the map or overall gamemode.

Creating large empty claims, large long-term claims with minimal infrastructure/builds, or large one-building/block type “garages” is prohibited. Towns should plan to store movecraft ships appropriately via sea ports, proper aircraft hangars, etc.

Only claim land that will be developed or modified in the near future. If the land goes unmodified, unclaim the land so that it can be used by others.

Likewise, please only create nations that intend to act as nations. If you are creating a town/nation, you are expected to treat it and lead it like a town/nation.

4.3Town and nation naming

Fictional town and nation names must sound at least somewhat plausible and cannot contain vulgar or offensive language.

Names that are clearly not serious, such as “Memetown”, “Best Siege Base“, “Obsidian Clan” and “Creeper Empire”, are not allowed.

  • Town and nation names cannot refer to concentration camps (e.g. Auschwitz), Nazi Germany (e.g. "Third Reich" and "Fourth Reich"), or terrorist organizations.
  • Towns named after a real settlement must be made near its location.
  • The capitals of nations named after current or historical states must be located in the region where that state exist(ed).
    • For example, a nation called "China" with its capital in Africa would not be allowed.
4.4Claim blocking

Claim blocking, the act of purposefully obstructing the expansion of a town by claiming land around it, is not allowed.

  • You may not claim large tracts of land with the sole purpose of keeping it empty yet claimed.
  • You may not "temporarily" violate this rule for your convenience.
  • Any claims used to this end may be deleted without warning or compensation.
4.5Claiming waterways
  • You can claim natural waterways if you leave enough room for large ships to pass through them at all times. Click here to see an example of a legal claim across a natural waterway.
  • You cannot claim the sea near the four server-owned naval towns: Gibraltar, Panama Canal, Suez and Bab al-Mandab in a way that diminishes their value.
  • You can claim and block player-made waterways, like canals, provided that the claims do not violate Rule 4.3.
4.6Snake claims

"Snake claims" are long chains of claims. This includes long disconnected claims or “temporary” long chains of claims. These are not allowed and can be deleted by staff without warning or compensation. You may not temporarily break this rule for your convenience.

Snake claims can be allowed if used to claim substantial infrastructure, but only with admin approval! Do not temporarily violate this rule without asking staff first. Substantial infrastrucure is defined as buildings, walls, movecraft ships, etc. "Ganks" are not valid structures for snake claims.

Here is an example of an illegal snake claim:


5 - Movecraft

In this section, all Movecraft craft types are referred to as ‘ships’.

5.1Ship Piracy
  • You can destroy and steal ships in the Wilderness without restriction.
  • You can steal unsecured ships from claimed land, as long as the theft does not involve illegal griefing (see Rule 1).
  • Do not not steal ship designs using the Repair or Shipyard mechanic.
  • Securing ships is your responsibility. Place extended pistons on ships to lock them down, and use gates and doors to control access to your docks. Pilot signs alone are not considered valid locks. You should always save a copy of your ship using a shipyard.
5.2Ship Design Rights
  • The designer(s) of a ship have the rights to the ship design. Only they can decide who can copy or reproduce a ship design.
    • Ship designs must be submitted on the forums in the Ship Design Registry in order to be protected under this rule. This is mandatory so that staff may know who designed a ship, otherwise we have no way to determine who built a design.
  • You can modify and take inspiration from a ship that you physically own but do not have the design rights to, but you cannot copy or reproduce it.
  • This rule only applies to ships of the following types:
    • Corvette
    • Destroyer
    • Cruiser
    • Dreadnought
    • Aircraft Carrier
    • Submarine
    • Fighter
    • Bomber
    • Tank
    • Heavy Tank
    • IFV
    • Armed Merchantman
5.3Ships must function and look like ships
  • Cubes, cuboids, flying carpets, towers and large appendages such as ladders will not be tolerated.
  • "Parade float" zeppelins (zeppelins with specific themes outside of traditional realistic zeppelin or airship designs) are allowed and encouraged, but please keep them SFW. They may be used in sieges as long as they do not incite harassment, toxicity, ect. 
  • Movecraft warships must have a defined “bridge” and must resemble a functional ship. They do not need to be carbon copies of real-world naval vessels, but they must appear plausible as such.
  • Ships violating this rule may be deleted without warning or compensation.
5.4Shipyard Usage
  • Shipyards may be used for building Movecraft ships, buildings, walls, and other substantial infrastructure.
  • You may not use shipyards to grief terrain, grief claimed land, block PvP regions, or disrupt natural gameplay. This includes repairing a base during a battle session.
6 - Scamming
  • You are allowed to scam other players for ingame currency and items. Consider using the /contracts system to trade securely.
7 - Trapping

You are allowed to trap and kill players anywhere, with the following exceptions:

  • You cannot use traps to bypass new player kill protection. This includes dropping harmful items into a new player's inventory.
8 - Wars and Sieges
8.1Feeding points to the enemy side

If it is found that you repeatedly died during a siege to sabotage your own side, you will be punished. This will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis: nobody will be punished for simply being bad at PvP.

If you use exploits to prevent the enemy from scoring points, you will be punished and the enemy team will be awarded points. Remember, Global Rule 6 prohibits the use of exploits.

8.2Your town must be reasonable to siege
  • Non-peaceful towns must be separated from other towns by eight chunks. Town claims existing prior to January 2023 may remain 3 chunks away from other towns.
  • You may not partially or fully encase non-peaceful towns with friendly towns. Violation of this rule may result in surrounding towns being deleted without warning and without compensation.
    • Ideally, attackers should not have to cross claims land in order to reach a siege on your town.

An example of a peaceful and non-peaceful town violating this rule: a peaceful town partially surrounds the non-peaceful town to make it impossible to be attacked from the west.

  • This would be illegal even if the peaceful town was separated from the non-peaceful town by three or eight chunks. There is no 'loophole' in the rules here: the town is still encased.
  • If you are afraid of your town being sieged then you should consider setting your town to peaceful.


8.3"Fake" and unserious sieges

Do not start so-called “fake" or "meme" sieges.

A "fake" siege is besieging allied or friendly towns to obtain some kind of benefit, such blocking a hostile siege or granting the town siege immunity.

The same applies to assaults. For example, you may not begin a 'friendly' assault on a region to prevent others from assaulting it.

A "meme" siege is a siege where there is no serious attempt by the initiator of the siege to win.

8.4Cannon Placement

Do not build cannons at high altitudes relative to your town. Such "sky cannons" are generally built for the express purpose of avoiding enemy cannon fire and are prohibited.

8.5Siege Banners

Siege banners must be placed overground. Placing banners underground or at a low y-level relative to the surrounding terrain is forbidden and will result in the siege being deleted.

Likewise, banners may not be placed above ground at a high y-level relative to the surrounding terrain.

8.6Friendly Occupation

It is not allowed to occupy friendly non-peaceful towns to force enemies to conduct a liberation siege against it instead of a conquest siege.

9 - Combat Tag Baiting

You may not collaborate with another player and combat tag each other for the purpose of entering a peaceful town and baiting members of an otherwise PvP-Free zone into attacking you and entering combat. This is considered an exploit of the combat system in order to bypass Non-PvP zones and will be punished as such.
If you are naturally in PvP and you enter a Non-PvP zone, this rule does not apply to you.
Combat tagging players is intended to prevent them from escaping combat. It is not intended to allow you to weasel around PvP restrictions.

Towny Rules: These rules apply on the Towny gamemode.

Towny aims to cultivate an environment where players are free to express themselves and their creativity through Minecraft, and this allows them certain protections within reason:
1 - Griefing and the map
  • You may not grief anything that is claimed
  • You may not grief unclaimed structures that are within 3 chunks of a claimed Town
    • Structure must belong to the town it is nearby in order to be protected by this rule
    • Nation-Controlled Wilderness does not count as a claim for this purpose
  • You may not grief anything that is in Nation-Controlled Wilderness
    • This includes wilderness controlled by your own nation
  • You may not obstruct or otherwise deface or devalue a town and its surrounding landscape
    • This includes, but is not limited to the building of walls, waterwalls, lavacasts, discriminatory structures/symbols, and anything else that may be considered unwanted or unpleasant by those who own the town you are building outside of.
  • You may not destroy any sort of infrastructure (railways, bridges, or other forms of infrastructure that cannot be realistically expected to be claimed)
    • Infrastructure typically includes:
      • Roads
      • Railways
    • This rule does not protect the following types of builds;:
      • Air-Bridges without supporting structure or form
      • 1-block bridges
      • 1-block pillars
      • Underground mining tunnels
      • Anything that isn't easily identifiable as a willful attempt to build unclaimed infrastructure

You are more than welcome to Terraform the terrain on Towny; however we ask that you make an effort to blend any jarring terrain changes with the surrounding terrain.

This rule does not give you permission to burn down a forest, mine down an entire mountain, or otherwise destroy large sections of terrain for no reason.


On Towny, it is difficult to find a reason for TNT to exist. Here are two:

  • Movecraft Combat
  • Controlled terraforming operations

Beyond this, there is typically no reason to use TNT and as such you are not permitted to randomly set off explosions that may damage terrain.

2 - Theft

Theft in claimed land is not allowed, including stealing from your town members.

Theft of items in unclaimed land that has no clear relation to a nearby town is allowed.

  • This means you can steal from unclaimed land, but you cannot steal from unclaimed land that is directly outside of a claimed town, as it is obvious that the items are owned by the players of the town.

Nation-controlled wilderness is nearly free game for members of the nation controlling the wilderness, however follow the above rule where if the items have a clear and distinct owner or purpose, you may not take them.

Please remember that the purpose of Towny is to encourage creativity and fun in a safe environment where players need not fear about conflict, theft, or destruction.

Items can be retrieved from another player if given permission.

In order to avoid miscommunication incidents, we encourage players to keep written accounts of permission if retrieving items from an unavailable player.

3 - Ship Piracy

Ship piracy and theft is not allowed if the ship is secured with an immovable block or Pilot Sign.

4 - Scamming

You are not allowed to scam in-game items or currency under any circumstances.

5 - Luring, Trapping, and TP-Killing

You can not lure players into teleporting to a place that will kill them. You may not kill players who you have teleported to, requested to teleport to you, or that you have requested teleport to an area. Luring any player into teleporting into a hostile zone in order for you to kill them counts as TP killing and is illegal.

Luring people into travelling into hostile territory by any other means is legal, players should exercise caution when travelling into foreign territory.
You may lure players into arena plots so long as they have not been lured by teleporting to you or near the arena plot.

You may not lure players who have teleported to or near a PvP zone into the PvP zone to kill them. This is considered TP Killing.

Setting up traps in nation-controlled wilderness or town claims is not permitted.
You may not trap players from your town or nation unless the other party has consensually entered an Arena plot and agrees to fight.

6 - Inactive players

When players go inactive in your town, we understand that their structures, chests, and other belongings take up space.

Our goal is to provide protections to both the player and the mayor in these cases.

For purposes below, playtime is considered the time from first login, to last login.

In the event the user is kicked for taxation or other reasons, the Mayor must provide an opportunity to the player upon return for them to regain their items.

Here are the Mayor guidelines for handling inactive players:

Case 1:
The player logs in, plays for a few hours, and then logs out and never returns.

We ask that you give players who play for less than five days at least one week to return before you evict them from their plot. Once you evict them from their plot, we ask that you store everything from their plot for an additional two weeks in a secure storage area that is labelled with their username.

Once this two week storage period is over, the items are considered Town property and may be used however the Mayor wishes.

This protects the player from losing their items, and this protects the Mayor from any claims of theft against them.

Case 2:
The player is temporarily inactive, or has quit without announcement.

We ask that you give players who play for more than five days at least two weeks to return before you evict them from their plot. Once you evict them from their plot, we ask that you store everything from their plot for an additional two months in a secure storage area that is labelled with their username.

Once this two month storage period is over, the items are considered Town property and may be used however the Mayor wishes.

This protects the player from losing their items within a reasonable period, and protects the Mayor from any claims of theft against them.

Case 3:
The player is either temporarily or permanently gone, and has given permission to take their belongings.

Please ensure that if a player is offline for an extended period of time and has given you permission to their items, that you acquire solid evidence that you are allowed to take their items or modify their builds.

When this permission is given, we will operate within the exact wording of what the player states, and any actions taken outside of the permission given will be considered under the rules of Griefing and Theft as necessary.

Case 4:
The player has warned the Mayor of an extended absence.

You are required to respect this extended absence warning and you may not take, store, or modify the players plot in any way.

7 - Claim Blocking

Claim blocking is prohibited. This is the creation of new claims or towns with the intent of obstructing the expansion of another town. Such claims are subject to removal without warning or compensation.

Movecraft Rules These rules apply on the Movecraft Creative gamemode.
1 - Griefing
1.1 Griefing Plots

Griefing a player's plot is strictly not allowed. Destroying designs, changing designs without permission, blowing up designs, etc are considered griefing.

Griefing the testing arena, provided that it does not violate Rule 1.2 is generally fine.

1.2 Griefing Fights

The Movecraft testing server is for testing purposes and is a provided luxury. You may not disrupt test fights by joining a fight without being asked, showing up and destroying ships without permission, building in the area of a fight, etc. Multiple infractions of this may result in complete removal from the Movecraft creative server.

1.3 Attempts to disrupt server performance

Players may not purposefully crash the server, attempt to lag the server, or otherwise disrupt the server's runtime. Mistakes are inevitable, but please be aware of your ships and their capabilities.

2 - Obtaining Extra Plots

You may merge plots with friends or town members in order to form larger shared plots, provided that you do not use alts for obtaining these plots. You may also contact staff through a ticket if you'd like a nearby inactive plot for yourself.

If a plot is found to harbor throwaway alt accounts, your entire plot may be completely wiped and revoked without warning or compensation.

3 - Design Theft

You may not steal registered movecraft designs from other plots without permission from the original designer(s).

Discord Rules These rules apply on the Discord Server.
1 - Follow Discord's Rules

You are not allowed to post or share content that would violate Discord's Community Guidelines or Terms of Service. Please keep yourself familiar with these guidelines, as we will enforce them accordingly on the Discord.

2 - Chat Content
2.1Keep Content Appropriate

Your messages and conduct should take into account that our Discord is frequented by minors. Avoid excessive profanity and do not use slurs or discriminatory language.

You are not allowed to share NSFW, violent, malicious or otherwise distasteful content. This also applies to usernames, statuses and profile pictures.

2.2Content in CCNet-related Servers

Extremely toxic behavior in CCNet Related Discord servers may result in an ingame punishment. CCNet will not tolerate extreme toxicity within its community. If your discord server is for a CCNet nation or town, is majority composed of CCNet players, and/or involves announcements/active planning for CCNet, then it is considered a CCNet Related server. Users that violate Discord's Community Guidelines may be banned from the main CCNet Discord server and/or potentially ingame.

3 - Spamming

Do not spam messages, unnecessarily ping many users at once or mass DM users. This includes pinging or DMing Staff.

4 - Toxicity, Baiting, Harassment

Respect your fellow community members. Do not insult, belittle or harass other users; do not bait them into arguments or provoke reactions from them.

Harassment and predatory behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated on this server, in direct messages with other members, and in servers advertised to CCNet users.

5 - Doxxing

Publishing or sharing the identifiable personal details of a user without their consent ("doxxing") is strictly prohibited. Doing so will result in a permanent ban, report to Discord and possible notification of relevant authorities.

6 - Advertisement

Do not advertise other Minecraft or Discord servers. Exceptions for the latter exist in the nations-discords and towny-discords channels. These are not to act as a gateway to toxic environments and invites can be removed at staff discretion. Extremely toxic behavior in these discord servers may result in an ingame punishment.

7 - Misuse of Channels

Use channels properly. Do not discuss random things in the Towny channels. Do not discuss gamemode specific things in other gamemodes channels.

8 - Staff

Staff can act at their discretion and have the final say in any situation. If a staff member tells you to stop, stop. Staff are not required to argue with you, hear out your grievances, or listen to any kind of coping. You will not change minds by being argumentative and obnoxious with our staff.


While we welcome all players, it's essential to understand that we reserve the right to ban or remove individuals from CCNet at any time, especially in cases of abusive or hateful conduct. We do not guarantee an unrestricted right to free speech. Instead, we prioritize fostering a space where everyone feels safe and respected.

We want to make it clear that we will not entertain complaints about being removed, as our primary focus is the well-being of the entire community. By choosing to play on our server, players are required to follow the rules and guidelines set forth, regardless of personal opinions.

The rules and guidelines are also not a comprehensive list of every single thing that will ever be punishable in the history of CCNet. It would be impossible to prepare for every single possible scenario that could happen at any moment in time. As such, these rules are subject to change at any point. Staff are also given authority to enforce these rules as seen fit for any unique situation not explicitly mentioned.

Our goal is to provide you with a fun and engaging gaming experience. We encourage banter, friendly competition, and meaningful interactions. If you ever have concerns or witness behavior that goes against our community guidelines, please don't hesitate to reach out to our staff. Your help in maintaining our welcoming and respectful atmosphere is greatly appreciated.