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Spend some time with Pinky!: Answers for 10 FAQs by New Players
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12 months ago

Spend some time with Pinky!: 10 Answers for 10 FAQs by New Players 

Hello everyone, PinkyBleu here!

I took time and the liberty of creating a FAQ forum here on this platform for all new players. I did this with the intention of ensuring that new players have an easier time to learn the fundamental basics of the CCNet Nations server. I will be answering some of the most frequently asked questions players normally ask in-game! I hope this helps you guys out.

1. I just joined, where do I go?

You've just spawned into the nations server and you are in a hub. You will see different NPCs with different locations like Europe, South America, North America, Australia, etc. Before choosing an NPCs and being teleported, you can check the map by doing /map and clicking on the link that pops up. Choose a continent you like and click on the NPC with that continent's name. Once you do that, it will teleport you but be mindful that you cannot go back to the hub where you started. You can even ask to join a town and ask where it is located before you click on an NPC, so that you don't lose your starter items after spawning. If you wish to start a town on your own, then you can go ahead and choose the continent that suits you!

2. How do I play this game?
Simply put, you can create your town in your preferred location on the map by doing /t create [your town name], or you can join a town by being invited by other players, and start your journey with slimefun, music or art! If that's not your kind of play, you can start grinding to climb the ranks by mining, cutting trees, or fishing, and build yourself up from there!

3. What town do I join?

There are many towns in the server, some developed, some developing, peaceful and unpeaceful. The peaceful towns enable you to build and enjoy custom features like making art, music or creating sf food without having to worry about being slain by some pvp maniac (once you stay in your town claims ofc)! The unpeaceful towns are there if you want to enjoy the grind of preparing for land or naval sieges based on the command of your leader. The choice is yours! You can use the map to have a bird eye's view of a town you wish to join and if the mayor is online and willing to have you then, there you go!

4. How do I make money?

Now this, is of course an important question. Money in the server is gold and silver, with gold being the main currency. You can gain gold by mining! If you don't want to mine, then you can earn money by selling items that players tend to buy frequently or that is rare (trading!) You can earn money from sieges! Tell your leader you want to be paid as a solider at a siege you participated in!

5. What is slimefun?

If it is the first time you're hearing about slimefun, it is basically a feature that allows you to create both simple and complex machines to help develop your town. Want to make a parachute? You need slimefun to make it. Want to make a climbing pickaxe? You need slimefun! Discover more about slimefun in the wiki, or if you dont want to read all of that, do /sf guide in game to explore the guide!

6. What are sieges?

Sieges are fights that happen between different nations! And yes nations (a group of towns under one body), not a singular town. It is always safe to be in a nation if you own your own town!

7. What does it mean when it says my town is occupied?

If you make a town and do not join a nation that owns a particular region of the map where your town is, your town automatically becomes placed under the care of that nation. What that means is that a part of your town upkeep goes to the nation occupying you, as well as your town resources.

8. What are Towny resources?

Town resources is a feature that allows to receive a specific item from your town infinitely over the span of time while your town is alive. For example, if you activate town resources for your town (not before having enough town members of course), you have a chance of getting 64 string per day (note, this is just an example.) Read more about it in the wiki!

9. What is MCMMO?

MCMMO is your grinding stat. You gain mcmmo when you do mundane activities like cutting trees, fishing, mining, tame animals and more! The more mcmmo you gain, the higher chance you have of gaining perks from your activities and you can use mcmmo with money to rank up from novice to excelsior!

10. How do I get to a certain location if I cannot tp?

REMEMBER YOU ONLY GET 1 LONG RANGED TP!  Movecraft is a very essential feature of the server. If you want to travel across the map without having to die a million times to mobs then you can create a flying vehicle to travel! All you need to do is have wool and wood or terracotta and redstone to start building one! You can make any design you want, but make it as realistic to a real flying vehicle like a plane! No wooden box planes please!

If you need more questions answered, you can comment below this forum post and I will try my very best to answer as much questions as I can! I hope this helps you to navigate the server a little better.



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