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Hello, Today I'm going to talk about a pretty new topic that people's struggle to understand: Kwa and Kwa Empire.

Lot of peoples heard recently about Kwa Empire, Kwa and Kwaism, and no one really seems understanding what it is. Well, I'm here to explain all of that.
First, right now, Kwa is a group of persons who are about to create and support a new nation : Kwa Empire. Kwa got created thanks to/because of gsouxi and 2kwa_, it was initially supposed to be just a group of friends that would have their own group chat, name and more (a bit like endics, the endfle endvle, endmle endgle and another dozen of them). But gsouxi wanted to create a Kwa nation, which, at the beggining 2kwa prohibited. We had a party chat on ccnet which was supposed to be our group chat, but gsouxi started inviting roman leaders, coalition leaders and some other peoples, he didn't even knew why. But finally our party chat was looking like a siege party chat, but with coalition and alliance members inside (rare). After 2kwa saw himself not feeling home in Oceanic Empire, he approved gsouxi's plan to make a new nation. Gsouxi had the money, 2kwa had some too,  2kwa was an important figure in Kwa, since even this group had a name given in his name. After getting a couple more members, the nation planning started. Gsouxi would be the owner of the fort-capital, so technically the leader of the nation, but it was more complicated than that, since without 2kwa_ all of this would be way more difficult, so 2kwa_ also became leader. Now Kwa was more an upcoming nation, than a group of friends. So 2 leaders for an upcoming nation being planned since weeks, that was the situation. While Kwa was getting new members and better diplomatic relations,  a  problem showed up : diplomatic points.
Kwa Empire, as the name got approved by the both leaders, might have a problem if it get sieged, and even bigger one if no one can ally this nation. Which is why Oceanic Empire offered protection, which, of course, they accepted. Kwa Empire also have good relations with China and some other nations. Kwa Empire also find itself having good relations with Coalition AND Alliance. Kwa don't want war in the first months after it's creation, that would mean:

No enemies
Some allies if possible
Non Aggression pacts with some nations
No aggressive wars against other nations.

After long negotiations with Siberium federation to not be enemies, and lot of threatening from them, Kwa empire found a treaty, which remains private for now.
Kwa Empire successfully got good relations with other nations. Kwa started designing a brand new fort, which they hope, will defend the nation well.

Kwaism got created meanwhile, it is the main religion of every kwa member, it support Kwa ideas of nation, and punish the betrayals, it is an incomplete religion, that has to wait as it's nation gets created, to can rise across the world.

For a nation that didn't even got created yet, Kwa Empire has done a lot of diplomacy, planning and more, hopefully this will be recompensed by a great future!

Everyone till now was thinking only gsouxi was the leader of kwa, but with this news, you can now understand better Kwa hierarchy, global structure, history and more.
The Kwa Empire's location remains secret for now, Kwa Empire got a government and a discord, special dedication to everyone that help / helped in this nation project, you won't regret :) , Now Kwa members are just waiting for some minor things being fixed, and Kwa Empire will rise!

If anyone got any questions about Kwa / Kwa Empire, consider messaging me on discord (my discord is 2kwa), I will try my best to answer :)

Kwaism, Kwa and Kwa Empire 3 months ago