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Recently, as of 3/02/2033, the new space elevator at the UEG Gabon base has been finished. Humans have officially achieved this cosmic highway from the Earth to the Moon. At this significant time point, please allow me to solemnly restate the 5 stages of building the space elevator:


Stage 1:

Global immigration to Gabon costing 1 trillion dollars, launch rocket team simultaneously carrying engineering  equipment to the moon. Synchronise the construction of the Gabonese base and the lunar base.

Stage 2:

Deploy intelligent robots on the moon to excavate and cut 3000 tons of lunar rock and transport it to low earth orbit, around 90000 kilometers away away from the Earth’s core to serve as a counterweight for space elevators.

Stage 3:

Launch mobile carbon nanotube factories from earth with counterweight lunar rocks and the required raw materials for production. Start Production of the first cable for vertical descent to the ground.

Stage 4:

Capture the cable on the ground and use it to transport 216 cables from the ground to connect the counterweight.

Stage 5:

Gradually increase the counterweight to 12000 tons and construct a material receiving platform at the low point of the geostationary orbit. Accelerate the construction of space elevators and the Ark ISS. From this day onwards, we will immediately activate the Earth to Moon route to complete the construction of the lunar satellite engines and officially begin the demonstration of The Moving Mountain Project

The Wandering Earth News 3 months ago