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Taakot Member
Registered:over 2 years ago
Last Seen:about 1 year ago
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Huh.. Duping is an exploit man...

wool farms and carpet farms maybe a exploit over 2 years ago

LET'S GO ZAIFY!! Coming in CLUTCH. I'm not home to explore and grind everything new yet but I'm super excited we're getting this (BIG) xmas treat:DD

Towny 1.18: Slimefun Update, Cave Generation and More over 2 years ago

This is utter blasphemy, Berry.

A. over 2 years ago

This is a collection of links to important common Guides on our official Wiki.


Towny, the Plugin:

Guide to the Towny Plugin

Towny Plugin commands (Full List)

Towny Plugin commands (Short List)


Gamemode Guides:

Nations Starter Guide

Towny Starter Guide



Block Locking

Nations Siege-War


Common Guides over 2 years ago

A best letter.


The screams...

A. over 2 years ago