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Towny 1.18: Slimefun Update, Cave Generation and More
galacticwarrior9 Admin Member
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over 2 years ago

Towny has been updated to 1.18, bringing forth a slew of new features. Let's dive straight into it.


Known Issues

  • Treasurer NPCs are currently not functioning. For now, use /bank while standing in a bank plot (/plot set bank) to sell and buy gold.
  • You will find your energy regulators having two holograms. This is to be expected; remove the bugged one using /sf removeholograms.


New Cave Generation

The height of the world has been increased: the maximum height is now y 320, and the minimum height is y -64. The bedrock layer that previously occupied y 0 has been transformed into deepslate, and below it you will find 1.18's breathtaking new caves.

A lush cave biome I found on Towny. Screenshot taken using Complementary Shaders and Iris.


Slimefun Update

Item Conversion: What You Need to Know

The updated version of Slimefun that Towny now runs has a new way of recognising items: it searches for invisible tags on them, rather than looking at their name and lore.

When you load a chunk, all Slimefun items that are inside the chunk's chests, barrels and other container blocks will have these invisible tags automatically added to them. Converted items will have an extra NBT tag (the number of tags can be seen by enabling debug tooltips) and may have a different texture.

Slimefun items that are inside enderchests will not automatically convert. You can convert Slimefun items in your enderchest by simply holding them in your hand and right-clicking.

Like on Nations, the majority of items should convert without issue. A few items may fail to convert and will no longer function. In this case, you can ask for a refund through Discord (although very cheap items may not be refunded, for the sake of saving time).

The time frame for converting items ends on February 1 2022. It's as simple as running around your town and right-clicking any Slimefun items you might have stored in your enderchest. Any items that are not converted after this date will not be refunded.

Please note that Slimefun items that are made after today will not stack with converted old items.


New Textures

The vast majority of Slimefun items have been retextured, including runes. To see them properly, ensure that you are running the latest version of the server resource pack. You no longer require Optifine to see Slimefun textures.



The following items, machines and components have been added to Slimefun:




New Commands

  • /sf search allows you to search for an item in the Slimefun guide.
  • /sfcalc allows you to calculate the amount of resources that are required to craft a Slimefun item.


Other Changes

  • Most basic machines will now try to deposit output into chests that are adjacent to their dispenser.
  • Cargo networks should no longer break down at random.
  • Crafting Slimefun items will now always yield the correct number of items.
  • Veining will now work with Fortune and Silk Touch.


Miscellaneous Changes

  • A 64x64 Medium Canvas and 128x128 Large Canvas have been added to /art. These larger canvases will allow you to create more detailed drawings.
  • Sieges may now work. Unfortunately, I haven't had the time to test this. Let us know if they continue to be broken.




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Taakot Member
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over 2 years ago

LET'S GO ZAIFY!! Coming in CLUTCH. I'm not home to explore and grind everything new yet but I'm super excited we're getting this (BIG) xmas treat:DD

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