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CCNet Rules Overhaul
Ineusia Admin
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10 months ago

CCNet Rules Overhaul/Update

For the past few months, the staff team has been working on a comprehensive rules update to address many points of confusion in both the community and among staff. 

Today, we are publishing an overhaul to the Global rules, the Nations rules, we are adding rules to the Movecraft Creative server, and we have added better explanation to ensure that community expectations are clear. Please review them at https://www.ccnetmc.com/rules

Everyone needs to know this: The Global Rules have updated, you must read and comply with them in order to exist anywhere on CCNet, whether it be our website, Discord server, Minecraft server, or broader community.

Nations players should know that the Nations rules have been completely overhauled and that the Movecraft/Creative server now has explicit rules.

The spirit of the existing rules remain embedded in the core of the new Nations rules, but there are so many changes that it is mandatory that everyone reads and understands the new rules.

Existing Punishments

All punishments under the old rules will remain. The previous rules exist inside the new rules, and this is not forgiveness from them.


Nations Rules Compliance

All rules relating to town appearance, structure, and claiming: Towns and nations will have until December 5th, 2023 to comply with the new rules. 

Yes, you will be expected to redesign your forts and manage your claims if they are no longer compliant.

If December 5th, 2023 comes and you need more time, communicate with us and we will come to a mutually agreeable solution.


What's next?

The staff team will now be looking to create guidelines for how we will treat violations of each of the new rules. This will take some time, but we understand the frustration with the historic inconsistency in punishments and seek to fix this.