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History of Mondari
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The rise, fall, and resolve of a city


The ancient city of Mondari, located in the southeastern region of Tibet has been around since the world's creation. The city was constructed in the midst of conflict in the region amongst the major powers of the time which posed a great threat to the first settlers of the city. Due to the risks posed by enemies in the region, the settlers chose to construct a massive dome to enclose the city and protect the citizens that would reside there.

After the initial construction of the dome and city within; Mondari found itself in the midst of multiple wars within the region. Ideally the city wanted to stay neutral but was ultimately forced to pick a side. After much deliberation, the city's leadership pledged their loyalty to the Japanese and stood by their side through many conflicts, regional and international. With wars being fought at the city's doorstep, the residents began to craft its own unique armor forged in the depths of Mondari and fused with echo shards for its soldiers to wear bravely into battle. 

Shortly after the alliance between the Russians and Japanese the leadership of Mondari chose to leave the city in search of new opportunities throughout the rest of the world; causing the collapse of the city and leading to its fall to ruin. Many of the city's enemies pillaged and made an example of the once majestic city causing great amounts of damage to the dome and buildings within.

A great time later, one of the city's founders returned to the ruins of the forgotten establishment. He brought with him a fiery drive to rebuild the city and restore its greatness. As the days turned into weeks and the weeks turned into months the city was not just repaired, but it was brought back to life with new settlers joining the founder and calling Mondari home. With new found hope and lots of help from the city's new residents, Mondari has since then greatly expanded; stretching far and deep underground. Today the city stands at the pinnacle of the Tibetan mountain range and is the centerpiece of an ever changing nation.

The structure of Mondari has stood the test of time, seeing many great nations rise to power as well as falling far from it. The city was given a second chance and was rebirthed greater than it was before. Due to this rebirth the city has become a place of second chances, and has been chosen as a new home by those looking to start over.

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6 months ago

Finally some lore on new nations

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