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Perpltxed Moderator
Registered:over 2 years ago
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Seeing a lack of "Nations Player News and Announcements" in this, is this supposed to be fanficition of some sorts? 

The legend of Hua and Xiao Chapter 1. (The creation of China) 3 months ago

Times of Cometcraft Issue No. 3

After being defunct for 2 years I'm proud to bring back the TOC newspaper.

A brief history: I shut down the paper as news discords were running en masse trying to provide the same content and I couldn't keep up with the pace of multiple discord channels but now with them mostly used for non news purposes I feel like its better to bring back the paper instead. I will try my best to release it in a fixed schedule and all the players are invited to approach me with information or articles they wish to publish for the server, The goal of the News Paper hasn't changed much yet, it is still aimed to make the server feel more lively while also writing down its history. 

Times of Cometcraft No. 3 4 months ago

Finally some lore on new nations

History of Mondari 4 months ago


New Siege Regions Plugin 7 months ago

lovely :D

Introducing Siege Statistics 8 months ago