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Warship Build Competition Entries
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Klepto Member
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about 1 year ago

https://imgur.com/vls0MmV https://imgur.com/X1WfV7u https://imgur.com/VXqbbCP https://imgur.com/cq6txk1

A ship based on the Giulo Cesare.

345 -255


x 4
ItzaTecNine Member
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about 1 year ago

(idk why but on the image it kinda looks small/cramped, it way longer than you can see on the image)

Ship Name: KMS Graf Zeppelin 
Graf Zeppelin Class Aircraft Carrier

This Aircraft Carrier is an ~1:2 replica of an Graf Zeppelin Class Aircraft Carrier.

It comes Equipped with 4 Anti Air guns and 6 4-inch cannons. It also has 2 "decoy" AA´s which are only AA´s that arent finished so they wont be recoginsed as an AA. So that enemies have it a bit harder finding the real AA´s

There is also space for up to 5 Bombers or 6 Fighters. (you also can mix them , for example 4 Bombers and 1 Fighter like on the image)


-Main Builder: ItzaTecNine (Main designer, Main Builder,Also made the Fighter)

-2nd Builder: xxLeak (gave some additional Ideas, worked on some detail´s , Made the Bombers, helped with building).

-3rd helper: Schmalex_ (gave some ideas how to improve armorment and also tested the ACC in the Arena)


Coords: -3360 85 -476 (ItzaTecNine´s Plot)


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Ave Imperium!