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Wither skeleton kills Player with Protection 4 Armor on 2 hits
tedajax Member
1 posts
1 topics
11 months ago

Wither skeleton can kill player with protection 4 diamond armor on 2 max 3 hits ! That is just insane damage. Player with diamond sword sharpness 5 will do less damage then wither skeletons do ! I hope it will get fixed...

DevPlayz1 Member
4 posts
0 topics
6 months ago

Asking my mates to bring wither skeleton to sieges frfr

antogeo Admin
8 posts
0 topics
6 months ago

Those wither skeletons are from a datapack called incedium that provides our custom nether. The higher difficult mobs exist to provide a challenge for the players and an enjoyable adventure. It is also a way to get the player to make a strategy on how he can kill those mobs (hint: maybe going above them can help you)

Ezo Member
2 posts
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5 months ago

Skill issue