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Ship Design Registry Thread about 1 month ago
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Ship Design Registry Thread 3 months ago

After many years, Thracia's center was in the Balkans, with Trapezitsa at its heart. As time passed, Trapezitsa became a lonely fortress, surrounded by many enemies and the solitary residents of Melkron. A war was coming, the enemies were massing supplies on the outskirts of the town, and many of the Thracian combatants were spread far and thin after the great quitting. Thracia was too sufficient in territory and too scared to be able to defend its heart.


After many months, the attack began, and it was the brutal beating on the stone walls of Trapezitsa. The capital survived years of sieges, this siege was the breaking point. Even after many upgrades, the fortress was showing its age. It had many holes from previous sieges, caverns, and catacombs. Close to the time, the old town, hidden by the heavy walls, crept into the attention of the town, making it vulnerable to assault.


A long fight ensued, and the fort stood proud and unconqered once again, showing the might of the beating heart of Thracia's legacy. But after this siege, the Thracian senate came together and had a meeting. We decided with the enemies from the north and the should we should make a new capital and gather our few members together in a fortified, modern capital with new and fresh starts. So, we decided we were going to do a big migration to the African coastline next to the biggest shipyard and port, El Dakhla.


This migration marked a new chapter for the Thracian Dominion, with the assembly congregating to inaugurate the new capital, Tarsonis, and its guardian fortress, Korhal, highlighting the zenith of Thracian engineering and military might. This transition was far from straightforward, perhaps more complicated by attempts from the Sahara Syndicate to undermine the establishment of the new territory.


Thracia Reborn: The Migration to New Beginnings 3 months ago
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    TSS-Libya Class Destroyer

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Ship Design Registry Thread 8 months ago