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Wabbit_01 Member
Registered:over 2 years ago
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Don't know if I'm even able to do this while banned but I'll try my luck.
Every vehicle on my plot EXCEPT the ones that are ALSO on ImagineDraggin's plot I would like to be joint owned by me and The1TrueBeanman. If I'm void of any rights due to my current predicament I'd appreciate it if you could respect my wish to transfer rights to Bean. If not then I would consider myself the primary owner and Bean the secondary owner. All agreements prior to this are nullified and anyone without direct permission from me (this can be verified by simply asking in my discord dms, I usually respond within the day) 
(Contt/ContDJ or whatever you want to call him helped with design modifications and testing of a few jets so he has joint owner perms to those too)
Thanks a lot,


Ship Design Registry Thread about 1 year ago