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Thats a valid comeback.

~ The Mizuno Gazette ~ 14 hours ago

The first half is entirely correct and I will not debate you in that regard. The ladder however ignores a key factor in my severance and I believe in the severance of other leaders. You completely failed to mention the loss of the Fentagon, the Texan Movecraft base. This demobilized and demoralized leadership so heavily it caused the major divide. The other problem was that the fall of the Fentagon was entirely preventable and we had the cash to keep it a float, the reasoning of why cash wasn't put in lies solely on the man who mayors the town now. Granted there are other reasons, but these reasons are 'blame' based such as the much to hasty and impromptu admission into the NAU which left the nation occupied, the lack of a suitable Texan fort, and keep in mind Texas itself was going through internal divisions about government prior to joining the NAU. In fact we were just bewildered by the fact that Stvoviet had lost his popularity election as we were setting up a way to go about elections literally the day prior to unity with Canada.

We also did not abandon the citizens of Texas, many have accompanied us to the places we have left to. I personally have INVITED people to join me in South America. Abandonment is a strong and misused word, severance? Yes. Disconnection? Temporary disillusionment? Yes! But Abandonment? No, a hard no as well.

Tre I respect you as a leader and a champion of your people, but what you have written is simply a fallacy.

The Canadian Times: NAU to NoAU 4 days ago

Its so sad to see this call so vilely unheard by my fellow leaders. For what ever remains of the purest of former members god bless Eternal Maya.

My dear Eterna-Maya. about 1 month ago

I wouldn't say I'm a roleplayer who doesn't understand the state I'd say I was a leader of state who didn't understand the military. Otherwise thats pretty accurate.


Turmoil in Eterna Maya about 1 month ago