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1st Edition: April 5th, 2024


The sun blazing over the Halifaxian horizon. (Photo credit: Terrythethird)


->Tribulation and Torment: The Canadian perspective.<-

The following is a poem created by a member of the Canadian Dominion in response to the unjust occupation of the nation at the hands of Floritania.


In the realm of CCNet, where pixels form a world,

Stood the Canadian Dominion, its banner once unfurled.

Yet shadows crept upon its lands, oppression took its toll,

For Floritania's grip grew tight, its tyranny to extol.

From snowy peaks to verdant plains, where maple leaves once danced,

Now chains of oppression tightly wound, every hopeful stance.

The tools once wielded with pride now carry weight so grim,

As Floritanian banners fly, sealing Dominion's dim.

In deep caves and sprawling woods, whispers of dissent rise,

Though courage faces daunting odds' 'neath Floritania's guise.

Yet a flicker of hope persists, a flame within the night,

For freedom's cry resounds, challenging the oppressive might.

With every block they place anew, defiance takes its stand,

For even in this pixel realm, justice claims its land.

Though skies may darken, storms may rage, the spirit will remain,

In the Canadian Dominion, where hope shall never wane.

So let the tale of struggle spread, across the CCNet's span,

Of Canadian hearts united, against oppressors' plan.

For though the odds may seem insurmountable, the fight goes ever on,

In the Canadian Dominion, where hope shall never be gone.


->Former MEU leaders join the Canadian Dominion as Co-leaders!<-


Former leaders of the MEU (Middle Eastern Union), Schmalex_, Moadfuncus, and Jakers1700 have all joined the Canadian Dominion as Co-Leaders! Sniperkid101 has also joined the nation.


->Halifaxians strike back!<-


The Halifaxians have stuck back again, stealing yet another Floritanian Movecraft! They first struck when Fake4 created his abstract-looking siegebase on Nova Prospekt, stealing the supply zep for the base, securing tens of thousands of dollars worth of potions, armour sets, and Slimefun! 


Now they have gone above and beyond! With the help of Co-Leader Schmalex_, An entire cargo ship stocked full of fuel has been stolen from the Floritanians! In response to these actions, Floritanian leader Fake4 camped Halifax for an hour plus, Spewing trash talk and hate the entire time.



🍁🌐 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation 🌐 🍁 -April 5th, 2024- about 1 month ago

awesome feature, ty staff team.

Nation Flag Approval Guide 4 months ago

awesome sauce

New Siege Regions Plugin 7 months ago


Introducing Siege Statistics 8 months ago