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Introducing Siege Statistics
galacticwarrior9 Admin Member
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8 months ago

We're pleased to introduce siege statistics to Nations. Powered by a custom plugin that collects data during battle sessions, they are now available to view both in-game and on a dedicated website.



The new sieges website, sieges.ccnetmc.com, allows you to explore all siege records held by the server.


The home page lists all siege kills and can be filtered by player name. You can further refine your search by choosing to view only their kills or deaths.

A death is registered as your kill if you dealt the most damage to the player over the 10 second period before their death. It registers as an assist for everyone else who dealt damage during that period.

Screenshot of kills page


The sieges page lists all sieges and can be filtered by town name. Each siege has a link to its own page.

Screenshot of sieges list


The individual page for each siege reveals finer details, such as the number of kills, deaths and assists for each side.

Screenshot of the sieges page


Further down, a graph displays the progression of the siege balance and earned battle points by battle session.



See the list of players for whom statistics are available in the players page.

Each player's page displays their personal statistics, including KDR and KDA, as well as their kills and deaths.

Screenshot of player siege statistics



Prefer viewing statistics from in-game? No problem. There are currently three commands:

  • /siegestats summary: Lists your aggregate PvP and SvS statistics, including KDR and KDA.
  • /siegestats listkills: Lists your kills and assists individually. This does not display SvS kills and assists at the moment.

Screenshot of /siegestats listkills command

  • /siegestats listsieges: Lists your per-siege statistics.

Screenshot of /siegestats listsieges command


Siege statistics are experimental, so be on the look out for bugs. Name changes are not currently supported, but may be in the future. Have any suggestions? Let us know on the suggestions forum, or as a reply to this thread.


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Perpltxed Moderator
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8 months ago

lovely :D

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greymesa Member
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8 months ago


“The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world.”


PCJunkei Member
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8 months ago

add like some kind of mvp mechanic to the siege site, that would be cool lol. its kinda useless though but it gives bragging rights to those who did their best in a siege