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Loyalty System
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galacticwarrior9 Admin Member
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about 1 year ago

A longstanding issue on Nations is the escalation of small sieges into large wars involving all major nations. This is partly due to player politics, but also the ease with which anyone can switch to another nation's town to participate in their sieges. That eliminates the challenges posed by distance and makes it trivial to intervene in any siege.

To address this, we will test a "loyalty" system on Nations:

  • For each day you play more than 10 minutes, you gain 1 loyalty towards your current nation.
  • Leaving a nation will make you lose 1 loyalty towards that nation every day until you rejoin.
  • To participate in a siege, you will need a minimum amount of loyalty with your current nation. Otherwise, you will suffer from war sickness.
    • This amount is yet to be determined, but will likely be between 7 and 9 loyalty.
  • The maximum loyalty is 20 and the minimum loyalty is 0.


Example: Gaining Loyalty

  • I start in a nation called "Alpha".
  • On Monday, I play for 10 minutes. I gain 1 loyalty towards Alpha.
  • On Tuesday, I play for 9 minutes. I gain no loyalty towards Alpha.
  • On Wednesday, I leave Alpha and join another nation, "Beta".
    • I lose 1 loyalty towards Alpha.
    • If I play for 10 minutes then I will gain 1 loyalty towards Beta.


Example: Participating in a Siege

  • France starts a siege on Germany.
  • X is a member of France. X only has 1 loyalty with France. X cannot participate in the siege.
  • Y is a member of Britain. Britain is allied with France. Y can participate in France's siege as long as he has 7-9 loyalty with Britain.


When will loyalty be enabled?

The loyalty requirement for siege participation will be enabled for the sieges beginning Friday April 14. Until then, loyalty will still be recorded; in fact, it has been recorded for the past few days. You can view your current loyalties using the command /res loyalties.

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